I’ve been so busy working and am only now getting time to post something new!!!

One of the more fun things I had the opportunity to do was a skit for Conan O’brien’s show on TBS. The best part was that I was having lunch with a good friend talking about wanting to get more featured spots. Two minutes later the casting director for the Conan show called my cell and asked if I would be able to come in right away and do a skit for the show airing that night.  Scheduling worked perfect and I was walking on the Warner Brother’s lot two hours later.

What happened while there…you’ll just have to watch the skit for yourself.

The skit itself is near the end of this clip. It was part of the interview, with actor Will Arnett. The whole interview is pretty funny but if you’d like to skip ahead go to minute 6:18




Written on November 29th, 2011 , News

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