So working with friends is actually more fun but also nerve racking…because he is a friend it makes me want to work harder to get his vision down. Though I only have a small cameo part in his project, I definitely feel excited to see the outcome and final product.

Way to go Nick! Can’t wait to see the new film from Crusade Films – “Once Upon a Time in the East”.

Written on July 29th, 2011 , News

Wow, I’m excited about this!

I’ve always loved writing and have many stories I’d love to share someday…and I’m getting my start now! I’m still volunteering and helping out with the wonderful people up at the Wildlife Waystation and have been chosen to be one of the new writers for their magazine.

This month marks my first publication!!!

The fourth issue is all about Primates and my article, “Oh the Diversity of Primates!” is the featured article of the magazine!!! Check it out and look forward to reading more of them as I go! :)

Written on July 20th, 2011 , News

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